A new paradigm in REO pre-acquisition tools.

REO REALITY RATING is a standardized risk reduction assessment tool which will help simplify the internal review process and help avoid portfolio surprises.

As a potential REO lender, you will be faced with the probability of taking back significant portions–if not entire portfolios–of your clients. Unfortunately, not all real estate assets are created equally, and it is imperative to make informed decisions about the future viability of the assets in question.

With over 20 years of successful value creation learned from our own practice, plus such great mentors as The Vantage Companies, Trammel Crow, Rouse and Associates, and Liberty Property Trust, our team of institutional investment grade development analysts can accurately evaluate your potential REO portfolio for winners and losers.

Whether your game plan is to spin off the assets, hold for better markets, or to reposition the current financing, our evaluation and rating system will help you make the right decisions, based on meeting the development fundamentals of successful properties.

We are excited about bringing our diversified value creation skill sets to the lender side of the table, and are ready to immediately respond to your requirements. We will evaluate your proposed REO property based on a 50-point REO Pre-acquisition Matrix©, producing a rating tool for your internal decision-making process.

It's easy to make better REO decisions.

Property types we evaluate:

  • Low-Rise Office
  • Mid-Rise Office
  • Flex
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing

Here's what we provide for each property:

  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Plan and Supporting Document Review
  • On-Site Property Review with Field Photos
  • 50-Point Evaluation
  • Inspection Results Matrix
  • Standardized Rating Score and Report

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